Production Team

From the Production Team: As most of you know our live streaming has evolved quite a bit over the last two years. Initially, we started due to Covid19 and the need to reach out to our congregation. At first, I would stand quite close holding my cell phone, then as we needed better sound, we worked on that. The next big step, thanks to a family bequest, was a substantial gift ear marked for video/audio upgrades. We were able to install 4 monitors and a remote-control camera; a hand run camera was also purchased. The remote camera remains stationary because everyone has told us how much they love watching David play.

            At this time, we would like to purchase a second remote camera to enhance the video content by allowing for more different viewing angles, and so we are asking for your help.  Each PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) remote camera costs around $1,900. The production crew asks for your help to fund this second remote-control camera. The installation, wiring and such will be done in-house which saves on those costs.      

Thank You and God Bless, Larry Crandell


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